When I was readying myself to get back into business I came across a man who radically influenced my thinking. Who not only influenced who I should hire for this new company, or which company I should try to purchase as we carefully grew, but also, and more importantly, how we should behave. How we could actually make a difference as a new enterprise, to our clients’ lives. To our staffs’. And mine.

During my due dilligence I met a man called George, who was employed by a security company I was thinking of buying.

Some might think of George, as just a security guard, bottom of the pile.

But to the school he looked after he was pure gold. He took the time and trouble to know every pupil, every parent, and every teacher. Not only by name, but importantly by their distinguishing characteristics and behaviour. Their wants and desires.

So, George took, what many might consider, a monotonous job and developed it into a calling. A 100% commitment to bring the best service to “his” school. “His” children, “his” parents, and “his” colleagues, the teachers.

He took an incredible ownership of the job. Of the relationship. Of a problem, and a service, sometimes not within his remit.


For example George would change a tyre for a stranded mother, desperate to get her child to the ballet lesson.

George is an example for us all in this world, a world that I think is becoming far too impersonal. A little too much like vanilla.

Excellent service is born when people realize they are each human. Humans interacting with each other. Understand that each relationship is different because people are different. We have different tastes and likes and desires. We are not machines. So at George we do not have robotic staff. Or stiff robotic rules that leave no room for initiative. No room to speedily and quickly rectify a service situation without turning to some thick manual.

A manual often written by some consultant, who hasn’t been near a school, or in the case of a cleaner, near a washroom (except to go to the toilet). Or had the gut, the intuition, as a Security Protection Officer, to spot a suspect group of thieves sussing out the best way to gain access to a client’s property.

So, everyone at George is encouraged to think for themselves. Act on their gut feeling, their instinct. Call it intuition. Call it insight; it’s a love for what they do. They do it with absolute integrity and pride. Pride to be the best and most loving and attentive landscaper of gardens. To be a spotless cleaner that goes home, knowing their fastidious diligence has made a working environment, for “his” or “her” client more of a pleasure to work in.


Our people understand it’s the quality of the relationship, which leads to the quality of the service.

I have chosen to build our George enterprise around companies that started out small. People who started out to run their companies because it was, what they considered to be, their passion and calling.

Every division we have was originally a family business. It was a profession that they chose to do. Not were forced to do. They chose to make money this way, as one said, “To serve, to live.“

To live, and make money the old-fashioned way, by earning it.

And they did that, along the way by earning the respect of not only their clients, but of the community in which they served.

They also earned the respect of those that they were later to be employ, by passing onto them their passion and insight into client relationships. They passed it on almost by osmosis, by intuition, and of course, the skills learnt from over 15 to 20 years or more of growing highly successful businesses. Businesses with solid, long-term contracts.

It’s those skills, which we live and serve by today, which we now call, “The George Factor."

Here’s to, “The personal touch.”

Kevin Derrick Chief Executive Officer

The George Group PTY Ltd.


Safika Holdings Logo img

Like the time and diligence we spent on looking for our staff we have spent the same exacting effort to find our ideal BBBEE business partner.

We are proud, extremely proud to be part of Safika Holdings. In fact Safika Holdings set-up a special purpose vehicle “Sandyway Holdings Ltd” to ensure that our BBBEE met our ownership goal of George - 51% black ownership - level 2.

Since their inception in South Africa, back in1995 Safika has grown into a renowned international investment company. It has a growing number of investments in financial services, mining, agriculture, transport, telecommunications, aerospace, and importantly, education and health.

And like us, they do their work selectively and personally.

All of our people at George wear this badge as a mark of respect for our clients, and as a reminder to honour our promise to always deliver. "The Personal Touch".

We provide a personal service