Landscaping Services


George Landscaping is a unique service that is founded upon 20 years of expertise and expansive knowledge of gardening and landscaping, for a variety of clients. From complexes, to office blocks to schools, and sporting venues.

The hands-on team, encompassing trained horticulturalists, designers, assistants and gardening teams have nurtured their own large nursery, covering some two hectares.

The nursery is mostly self- stocking with a wide variety of plants, including trees, shrubs, groundcovers, aloes, and succulents. From the exotic to the indigenous.


As we own the George Nursery and the plants there they are seeded, propagated, and are grown by us there in our nursery. There is no one in the “middle” of the buying chain. Ergo, our stock costs less. You pay less.

We are also very water wise.

And water wise is good news these days, as everyone knows it is not only good news for the environment but also good news for the purse. (Sad that the cost of water seems to reaching towards the cost of a good glass or Chardonnay!)


We are horticulturists first. We have a love for plants, landscaping and gardening and whilst we have an eye on our income (we have to eat like everyone else) we are here on this earth to bring happiness to others whilst bringing satisfaction to ourselves.

Satisfaction through adding nature’s colours to what could be a drab urbane world without the fire, vigour and splendour of the plants in our days. And we would suggest yours would be too, wouldn’t you say?

So with us, you get people devoted to bringing a smile to your face without a significant pain in your wallet.


There’s more to grass than Kikuyu. We have rapidly overtaken those philistines who are left behind with the vagaries of one-dimensional Kikuyu grass, with the encumbrance of invasive weed, and balding lawns.

We are proponents of new varieties to grace the lawns of homes, offices and sports fields. There’s Cynodon, LM Lawn, All Seasons, Evergreen and Shade Over. We both lay and cut. And we don’t hack (there’s a lawnmower for every type of grass you know. And a special roller as well).

George Landscaping Services

Trees, shrubs, flowers and exotics are amongst the plants that we rear at George.


The answer is simple. How would you like your garden to grow?
Water wise? Indigenous? Exotic? Easily maintained? A constant riot of colour that changes with the seasons?

All of the above?

Perhaps you don’t have a clue and want 100% of our flair. Or not?

For starters we will conduct a thorough survey of the your land and soil. And we will listen.

We were born with two ears and one mouth and we will use them in that order. We will listen to your brief and only then will we speak.

And depending upon your brief, we’ll sketch. And we’ll show you what we have done before. Take you to our nursery to select. To surprise.

We’ll advise, suggest and revise, as needs be.

Our voice, you will find, is soft, understanding and passionate.

We’ll deliver The Personal Touch, whatever that may be.


  • Landscaping and Design with Installation
  • Installation, upgrades and maintenance of gardens
  • Installation, upgrades and maintenance of irrigation
  • Sweeping and spraying of hard surfaces (Driveways and paths)
  • Tree pruning and trimming
  • Cutting and trimming of all types of lawn
  • Fertilization program
  • Turf Maintenance Programmes
  • Lawn dressing and composting program
  • Composting (our own. We know what it is and where it’s been!)


  • Homes and Complexes.
  • Business Parks and Estates.
  • Schools.
  • Sports facilities and Clubs.
  • Where we have mutual respect for our services and expertise*.
George Corporate Landscaping Services

At George landscaping services we grow our own plants from cuttings, and seeds. This guaranteeing quality and often savings.

We provide a personal service