Protection Services

Probably the most proficient team

Security and Protection Services in South Africa is sadly one of the most worrisome issues in business and our private worlds today.

South Africa is ranked 7th in the world as having having one of the largest security industries in the world, with India, China and Russia leading the way.

With the inception of George we have put together for you a most proficient and accomplished group of professionals available in our country to date, and one that could, and indeed has, in the past, challenged the world.

As one of our clients put it, “You have taken the diamonds out of your industry and put them into one new jar.”

And those diamonds include the men at the top of the industry-all with exceptional military experience, right through to the close-knit group who serve our clients at the sharp end with extreme personal and proactive pride- with, “The Personal Touch,” the signature behaviour of everyone at The George Group.

As you would expect from such a team our standards are high, and very self-critical.

Our security personel didn’t just walk into a job at George but were recruited, selected and trained specifically to protect and serve in the different fields in which we serve.


Consequently we will deliver to you a “Bespoke Person, or Persons” for your bespoke job, these services include:-

  • VIP Protection.
  • Hospitality and Estate Security.
  • Retail and Industrial Security.
  • Logistics and Education Establishment Security.

Each job requires a unique sensitivity and reaction to fulfill our client’s needs. Your needs.

For that reason we start every potential contract with a in-depth meeting with you. A thorough briefing. We will listen to you, listen a lot. Then we will walk. We will walk round your asset with you and listen some more. And we will probe. Understand your issues and specific concerns.

We will think. Again, we will do that a lot, and only then will we discuss. Only then will we recommend the best solution forward.


And how do we work?

Quite simply the answer is, with you. It’s hands on from us.

Not only from the bespoke officers we put on the ground for you, but from the top down as well.

We will appoint a specialist Contract’s Manager who will keep their finger on the pulse. Not, we emphasise, from just behind a desk, not by hiding behind a convenient stream of “ping-pong” emails. Putting in the hard yards by visiting your premises, your assets, your guard or guards on a regular basis. By observing and delivering a proactive service. As John le Carre said, “The desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.”

In some cases we will put a Contract’s Officer or Officers in our client’s premises, on a permanent, needs basis. As discussed and required.

No one at George is chair-bound.

George Private Protection Services

Our guards provide protection for gaming and hospitality facilities and VIP protecttion amongst many of our services.


Of course, there are no short cuts to putting in a professional service for you. But with our experience we have occasionally found that by examining your requirements from a new angle, and the requirements of professionally protecting your asset, or assets there are new solutions that can deliver enhanced protection, or the same protection you are currently receiving, for less than you are paying now.

This may include different guarding techniques, employing advanced technology and mix of traditional methods with new technology.

The above may not be the case in respect to your brief, but if we don’t try, for you then we are not doing our job, it’s The George Way.


The team at George provides an in-depth and expansive service, which includes the following:

  • Guarding – Gaming, Hospitality, Retail, Education, Industrial, Mining, Residential Estates/Complexes and Corporate
  • Technology - CCTV, Fencing, Access Systems and Biometric Systems
  • Tactical - Conflict Resolution Officers, Tactical Response Teams
  • VIP - Protection, Undercover and Escorting from venue to venue
  • Investigations - Polygraphs, Criminal investigations, Computer Forensic, Covert Operations and Undercover Investigations


We hold the following licenses and memberships:

Private Security Industry Regulations Authority (PSIRA, Sectorial Determination 6)

Gaming Security License. SAIDSA


We will deliver on our contractual obligations and beyond. We will always remember what our CEO, Kevin Derrick said when he named the Group after George, -the security guard he met at the school, when George stepped outside his remit and delivered more, what drives us all and we call now,” The Personal Touch.”

See the home page of this website. The Personal Touch in not just a mantra, it’s a promise.

Yes we will deliver on your KPI’s, the SOP’s and the SLA’s.

We will also deliver on something else, we will never forget, that you and we are human’s. What we do is personal. We will deliver on something often forgotten today, something we must and all remember, we all belong to the MHR, * and as such we are all different and require respect.

* Member of the Human Race.

George Corporate Protection Services

Our people are not only selected and trained to be smart on the inside, but to be smart on the outside too - well dressed to reflect the qualities of your company or brand.

We provide a personal service