Smart Surveillance

Smart Surveillance Services


For many years we have been at the forefront of using high-tech surveillance equipment, combined with protection officers to secure and make safe our clients' premises, their, inventory and their people.

The division at George that designs and implements such hi-tech protection is called The Smart Surveillance and Independent Reaction Service, or “Sir” for short.

The systems they design, and teams they deploy are unique to every client’s requirements and are highly sophisticated.

Needless to say, all systems are not only tailor-made, but highly confidential, and detailed information can not be shared on this website.

However, as an example these monitoring and reaction systems cannot only survey your collateral 24/7 but can also lock-down areas if security is, or could be breached. The system can then seal off the intruders from further intrusion and activity, and then concurrently deploy a team of officers to "neutralise" the threat.

Our “Sir” staff have been deployed systems for a number of blue-chip clients, including international reserve banks, schools, factories and gold reserves.

Upon your briefing, and in discussion with you, we may recommend the Implementation of such cutting edge technology and professional manpower, as part off our bespoke, and cost-effective service.

George Smart Surveillance

Not limited to the short-comings of a normal walkie-talkie - we use satellite radios (i talk PTT’s) which double up for the use as radios, phones, patrol reporting, and panic sysytems. They always deliver clear, crisp, uninterrupted communication betwean our teams.

We provide a personal service