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Tactical Reaction Services


Close Tactical Reaction, or CTR, is a highly specialized hospitality gaming, protection and security company of international standing.

As such CTR is fully accredited and licensed by the National Gaming Board to provide specialist security services to all casinos in South Africa.

Indeed, our management and close-knit team are well known for their S.A.P.S., Law Enforcement, Special Ops and military backgrounds, and in particular, for their professional protection within the hospitality industry of local and international VIP’s and visiting royalty.


The Soccer World Cup 2010: We deployed 80 agents with 55 vehicles for six weeks in and around all the major centres of South Africa. This was to ensure the safety of approximately 900 of their directors; reporters; technical crews and prizewinners.

Samsung – CTR has been providing security and transportation for this client for almost two years. Approximately 150 trips are carried a month without a single incident.

CTR has sixteen years’ experience in securing stadia and transporting and protecting numerous artists and their crew whilst touring in South Africa, this includes:

  • Tina Turner
  • Diana Ross
  • Def Leppard
  • INXS
  • The Three Tenors
  • Meat Loaf
  • Kenny G
  • George Benson
  • Randy Crawford
  • Dionne Warwick
  • Jonathan Butler
  • The Moscow Circus
  • Luciano Pavarotti
  • Christina Aguilera

We have also secured and protected:

  • Ellis Park Stadium
  • Montecasino
  • Nu Metro Theatres
  • Southern Sun Hotels & Hospitality Establishments
George Close Tactical Reaction Services

From rock stars to stadia to schools and hotels, CTR have helped protectand secure them all.


  • Close Protection of Individuals and groups.
  • Guarding and Access Control.
  • On site Tactical Armed Response.
  • Escorting of tour groups including the arrangement of domestic and international transport, accommodation and specific tours to places of interest.
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Shopping centres
  • Factories & Warehouses
  • Car Dealerships
George Close Tactical Reaction Services Training

In training our CTR personnel are put under pressure to fire calmly, fast, and accurately, preparing them for a real fire-fight.


Our training, like our staff recuitment is not taken lightly. Indeed the participation of senior people in our strict training regime is testament to our commitment to our passion for professionalism at all service levels. We keep fit together, box together and shoot together.

All officers receive recurrent training in:

  • Special weapons and tactics
  • Advanced driving and collision avoidance techniques
  • Threat assessment
  • Criminal statistics and trends
  • Covert intelligence gathering methods

In addition to the normal protection and security requirements, our Security Protection Officers receive training in, First aid; Fire fighting, Access Control, Radio Speech Procedures and guest and staff relations.

We base a considerable amount of time, money and energy on sharing the latest knowledge about criminals, the personalities and their often-evolving techniques.


Our recruitment of staff is rigorous and robust…using our network of well-connected contacts within the upper echelons of the protection industry. We perform full background checks, check references, and we check and check again. And of course we polygraph test all candidates, only using experienced and licensed polygraphers.

Our officers and staff’s commitment to us is to permit us to spot-check their performances 24/7 including ad hoc further polygraphs and performance appraisals.

George Close Tactical Reaction Services

All our officers undergo rigorous monthly training at the firing range, firing hundreds of rounds. Those that don’t pass don’t work for us.

We provide a personal service